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its 2014 and we’re still forced by our bodies to eat to survive

We’re still forced by our bodies to sleep to survive as well.

This is some bullshit.

i wish my body would stop oppressing me

- Useless: Kyonchan forgets to make daily posts about me =3=
- Kyon: hey
- Kyon: don't get greedy




Signal boost for GamePhobias, a wiki-style website dedicated to categorizing games based on content and trigger warnings. Users can either view content warning categories to find games that do and don’t contain the triggering content, or search for specific games to see exactly what content warnings are attached to that title (as well as brief, almost exclusively non-graphic descriptions as to specific scenes/levels containing that content).

It’s a very, very new wiki (IIRC it launched late August) and so its offerings are very paltry right now, and I would seriously encourage anyone with experience with games, wikis, and/or both to contribute however they can.

I’m writing up a review for FFXIV right now, and I seriously encourage anyone who can do this to help out!! This is SUPER helpful to people with triggers and I’m going to use it in the future.

Don’t ignore this, I know gamer culture doesn’t care about mentally ill people but you guys should try to be better than that.

I’m triggered by Mario Kart too

❝Gotcha! That was a fun duel!❞
–the entire Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom on the 26th of March, 2008, with tears in their eyes.
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Hype as fuck finale.

We call it the Human Instrumentality Project.

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❝you guys are fucking idiots❞
–my teammate says as we lose the match with him at the bottom of the leaderboard



And for our main trio too, thank you very much for your hard work. You’re amazing!

It was fun run guys! Thank you for all your hard work.

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whenever a manga protagonist goes “this is turning into some crazy manga or something” 


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