wow now tumblr posts my shit from earlier

I bet literally everyone gets some dark tragic back story. Every single one. Shit, man, I deleted it already. Did they really need to show it, too?

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My friend was eating trail mix direct from the bag and I told him to use his hand since he looked like a dumbest, and he called me a greasy Hispanic. I burst out laughing because holy shit, that’s fucking hilarious. That’s pretty much how race relations should be. I make jokes about him being Greek sometimes and he makes jokes about me being Puerto Rican. And we also make jokes about ourselves.
Because they’re jokes.
Just like acting like it actually fucking matters what our ethnicity or race actually is.

the teacher fucks his student and his student’s older sister

i didn’t sign up for this shit


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what the fuck bokurano

there’s a sex scene where this teacher fucks their student

their student is a 7th grader

fucking dropped so hard

shortly after seeing that shit, I just look the character up on the wiki and see that in the manga the teacher lured her out to get gangbanged by his friends, which is a great deal worse, but what the fuck

i didn’t sign up for this

i signed up for despairing 7th graders having to pilot robots

not for this shit

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everybody ive seen who promos Tokyo ghoul are the same people who liked kill la kill and attack on titan…..- checks my notes -

someone convince me to not drop f/sn please

I’m honestly thinking of just waiting and watching the new anime since I already read the Fate route a while back.

It just feels like such a chore to get through.

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it was basically about how my friend made a racial joke about me and I laughed because holyshittumblrit’safuckingjoke.
It’s not like he called me a spic or something (not like I’d care), but race doesn’t really matter and it’s best to just joke around with the idea

shit it ate it and I’m too lazy to rewrite

shit I hope tumblr didn’t eat my post



This can apply to so many things.


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here is a photo of the man who wrote dangan ronpa

whos that dude lifting him

ep12 of tokyo ghoul was the only good episode of the adaptation

and that’s roughly when the manga starts to get pretty good too mainly because it feels more like it’s embracing how much of a shonen in seinen clothing it is