I understand people like to project issues on to characters because they’re not represented in fictional media.

But Ruka isn’t trans, they made it clear that he only thinks that way because of his upbringing and it’s more of an acceptance thing.

You have to remember that in Japan, LGBT rights aren’t a big thing most people who are gay or trans hide it. It’s never brought up because they just don’t want to talk about it because it’s not how their culture works. It’s frowned on in most cases.

You can project all you want but saying what our values as a culture on the LGBT stance compared to that of Japan’s completely ruins the point that the writers wanted to get across for their target viewer ship. Japanese are writing for people in Japan, not for Americans.

Yes Ruka gives up being female to save Mayuri but he also does it because Okabe accepted the whole “he’s in love with him” factor. Ruka knows he doesn’t have to be another gender in order to say his feelings. I mean come on the main point of the date was that Ruka didn’t want to lock up his feelings again and deal with never being able to say what he truly wanted to.

Ruka never felt comfortable as a female, he even said it wasn’t the life he wanted because everyone else had to suffer. Also again, he only wanted to be female because he likes Okabe and it’s taboo. Okabe gives that wonderful speech about how gender doesn’t matter.

You can take it however you want but keep in mind Ruka’s character flaw was poorly written and culture stances on the subject are very different.